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Service Cancellation Submission Form

The last thing we want any of our customers to do is cancel one of their accounts because of anything we did or did not do. We would be happy to have one our managers contact you directly to try to resolve any issues you may be having.

If you feel that cancelling your services with Alentus is what you definitely must do, we would sincerely appreciate to know why you are cancelling. We especially want to know what we could have done better, or if we are not able to provide something you require to continue to host your services with Alentus.

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First Name:
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Please provide feedback and comments why you are cancelling your service and any other information we need.

Within one business day, we will will respond with confirmation of receiving your cancellation request.

By clicking the Submit button, you acknowledge that your services will be terminated by the same or next day, and that you have backed up all necessary information before submitting this cancellation request. Be advised that recovery or restoration of cancelled services may incurr a fee.


OFFICIAL PRIVACY POLICY: Information sent to Alentus Corporation is regarded as confidential and is kept in the strictest confidence. We fully respect an individual's right to privacy, and declare that no information volunteered to us will be divulged to ANY third party, and that all information will be used solely for our own customer service purposes.

 What can we do to turn that frown upside down?

  • Please feel free to request a manager contact you by email or phone to see if there is something we can do to retain your business. If you can't stay with us, we want to ensure your exit is as prompt and convenient for you as possible. We appreciate any feedback you provide. Thank you.