How can I help prevent my email recipients from blocking my emails? How can I prevent email sender forgery? What is a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record for my domain?

SPF is the anti-forgery solution for email. This DNS record for your email combats possible forged return addresses which makes it easier to identify 'spoofed' emails. An SPF record is a one-line entry in your DNS record that indicates which mail servers are permitted to send email with a given from address. SPF is an attempt to counter email address spoofing, in which a sender uses someone else's e-mail address as the apparent sender of an e-mail.

First perform a DNS check of your domain at this URL so you have the full information about how mail is pointed for your domain, and it also shows if your SPF record is implemented correctly:

Then create your SPF record at this URL:

Send the SPF record code to Alentus support by a submission via the SupportCenter:

After we reply that we have set up your SPF record, go back to and check to ensure it shows your SPF record is correctly resolving.

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