W32/Sobig.f@MM and Other Email Worms Generating Bogus Email

When an Email Worm similar to "W32/Sobig.f@MM " is active, many of our customers will receive large numbers of emails from numerous email addresses.

During these attacks, the increase in spam or virus containing email being sent to you does NOT mean that your computer is infected but rather someone’s computer with your address in their address book is infected. Your computer will become infected if you open one of the attachments that is sent with one of those emails.

Alentus customers are normally protected from the worst effects of this type of attack due to our use of Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewalls.

Alentus has no direct control over the email being sent to our customers. As with all attachments from any unknown or un-trusted source, caution should be exercised.

Information on email worms may be found at: http://mcafeeasap.com/intl/en/Default.asp?

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