CDONTS: Will not Work with ASP; only ASP.NET

Alentus only supports CDONTS on our web servers utilizing ASP.NET script (not ASP script). This is because CDONTS with classic ASP requires that the SMTP service be running on the web server. In order to maximize the performance and reliability of our web servers we do not run SMTP on the web server itself. We do provide an SMTP server for use by all websites that we host.

For the sending of email in ASP scripts, we support ASPMail (from ServerObjects), and ASPEmail (from Persits Software).

A demo of the use of ASPMail from your website is included in the /scripts folder off the root of your default website at:


For additional information on using ASPMail, please see:

Note: If you are using ASP.NET, then CDONTS is supported as per the demonstration script located in the /demo folder off the root of your ASP.NET website at:


Specify your SMTP server as:


Note: The /demo and /scripts folders are setup by Alentus when your website is created. 

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