SharePoint - How to Check Disk Space Usage

To determine your disk space usage:
1. Click on "Site Settings".
2. Click on "Go to site admin".
3. Click on "View Site Collection Usage Summary" - note that the maximum amounts listed may not agree with those outlined for your hosting plan. The amounts listed for your hosting plan are the correct limits.
4. "View Storage Space Allocation" can help you determine exactly where space is being used.

Notes: 1. Options available for SharePoint customers who are approaching their maximum disk space usage as allowed by their hosting plan are: - purchase more space - upgrade plans - reduce disk space usage (sql disk space)
2. All documents, images, or text uploaded through the SharePoint interface end up being stored in a SQL Server database. This is the disk space usage that is usually an issue. Web Server disk space is usually NOT an issue as FTP is not normally used by SharePoint Customers.
3. Most of the space used on SharePoint sites tends to be on the SQL Server. This is what is displayed in the above report.

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