Problems Sending Mail - New Alentus Customers

A common oversight made by new Alentus customers is attempting to use the Alentus outbound SMTP server rather than the outbound SMTP server supplied by the customer's local ISP or LAN network. To reduce unnecessary Internet traffic and provide security and anti-spam measures, our SMTP server is normally only used by webservers and other equipment physically located inside our network. Client workstations should normally use an SMTP service from their local ISP to act as the outbound mail relay. Of course, webmail and webpages that send email DO use Alentus SMTP Servers. Also, "SMTP-Auth" is a premium SMTP service that is offered by Alentus.

To find the name of the outbound mail relay you should be using it is usually best to contact your local ISP or LAN administrator. If you have other machines that are currently working, you may wish to look over the SMTP settings for these machines.

For more information on configuring Outlook or other POP3 clients please see our support site at:

If you are unable to use local ISP for mail relaying, you may subscribe to the "SMTP-Auth" service mentioned "above". Alentus "SMTP-Auth" is a secure remote relaying service. For more information on this service please contact our sales department.

If you are already subscribing to our "SMTP-Auth" service for secure remote relaying, and are running into problems, see related articles in the knowledge base or Submit a Ticket to Technical Support via the Alentus Support Center.

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