General Email Problems - What Info Does Alentus Support Need to Troubleshoot

To determine the cause of most email problems, we need to examine the entire message in question. In particular, we need to see the "mail headers" that are included with each message. In these headers there is information we will need in order help determine the cause of the problem.

Each email client program, such as Eudora or Outlook, has its own way of displaying the email header information. For example, in Outlook, select "View" > "Options" from the menu while the email in question is open. The header information is in a text box labelled "Internet Headers". To assist Alentus Technical Support in troubleshooting your email, this header information must be selected, copied, and then pasted into the support request.

The original email should also be included when making a support request - it can be sent as an attachment when emailing creating a ticket for the Technical Support Department in the Alentus Support Center.

To clarify, in the body of the email being sent to Alentus as a support request, type the nature of the problem followed by "The following is the email header data:" and paste in the header information. Also, make reference to the fact that the original email is attached as a file.

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