How to Move Email Service To a Mail Server That Allows Mail Filtering to be Turned Off

Alentus maintains a number of email servers that are capable of operating WITHOUT SPAM filtering turned on. The process for moving email service for your domain to the new mail server will be as follows:

1. Submit a request through the SupportCenter once you have determined that SPAM filtering CANNOT be turned off on the current mail server associated with your domain. In the request, clearly state that you would like to move to an Email Server that allows SPAM filtering to be turned off. Also state that you would like to receive notice when you can begin to recreate POP accounts etc. on the "new" mail server.

2. Alentus will then configure the new mail server for your domain and reply to you with the relavent access information.

3. You can then create your POP accounts, etc. on the new server and notify Alentus when completed. State that you are ready to have MX record changed for your domain to point to the "new" mail server.

4. Alentus will change the MX record for your domain to point to the new mail server and contact you. All incoming mail for your domain will now go to your accounts on the "new" mail server.

5. Next, retrieve any email remaining on the old mail server and contact Alentus to verify that you have finished retrieving email from the "old" server and that you are ready to have your account on the "old" server deleted completely.

6. Alentus will remove your domain from the old mail server.

You can access the old mail server at
You can access the new mail server at

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