What type of connections does Alentus have to the Internet?

We employ multiple upstream providers into our data centre utilizing a high-availability CISCO BGP4 multi-homed routing architecture. Our internet connections incorporate multiple high-speed lines with Gigabit connection to each circuit. Our peer arrangements with our upstream providers and network configuration, ensure that no connection is over utilized and we can increase circuit capacities in very short order.

We maintain an aggressive monitoring and alert notification system that tells us immediately of any trouble with our connections and/or the servers on our network. We also run traffic monitoring systems to give us on-going statistics of all network activity.

Our highly secure infrastructure includes multiple firewalls, 24-hour on-line Help Desk support, toll-free telephone support, Live Chat support, video surveillance, round-the-clock manned security plus a multitude of physical security features. We maintain an extensive APC UPS array plus diesel generator backup via on-demand contingency service.  Our diesel generator system includes automatic switch-over, with fuel for several days of operation onhand.

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