Does Alentus host Crystal Reports or SQL Reporting Services?

Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services must be hosted on one of our Dell Dedicated servers. We do not support these services on shared hosting servers.

Reason: Crystal Reports: ASP.NET Framework includes a small number of shared concurrent licenses for Crystal Reports, however if we enable them the following things can happen:
-The webserver can be heavily taxed by a few Crystal Reports users, and slow down hosting performance for all the other customers on the same server.
-The Crystal Reports user has to wait until another user has ended their session because all the licenses .NET are in use.

SQL Server Reporting Services: This cannot securely be run on a shared SQL Server. Your data is potentially accessible by other reporting services users and websites/reports connecting to it.

Resolution: 1. Purchase a server license for ActiveReports.NET by and we will install it on your shared web server for free. We do not provide coding support for this product, but other customers have chosen it and are using it.

2. Sign-up with an Alentus Dell dedicated server from and then add SQL Server hosting, or install Crystal Reports.

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