How can I use SSL on my website?

To use SSL on your Alentus hosted website, you have two options available to you:

1. Use the shared SSL certificate that is installed on your web server, or;
2. Purchase your own SSL certificate and have us install it on the web server where your site resides.

Using Our Shared Certificates

Before you can use SSL on your website with an Alentus SSL certificate, the option itself must be enabled by our technicians. For most of our hosting plans, this option is free.

To have SSL enabled on your website, please login to the Alentus Support Center and Submit a Ticket to the Technical Support Department. Choose "SSL CSR Creation" from the Change Request Type drop-down menu.

Once SSL has been enabled for your site, a folder named "ssl" will be created off the root folder of your site.

Place any files that you wish to be securely delivered into this folder. You will need to reference the secure pages using the following URL format:

Purchasing your own Certificate

SSL web server certificates, are issued to web sites by Certification Authorities once the CA is satisfied as to the identity of the web site owner, that it owns, or has the right to use, the domain name for which the certificate will be issued, and that it is in fact that entity applying for that certificate.

An SSL certificate contains the following information:

- domain for which the certificate was issued.
- owner of the certificate (who is also the person/entity who has the right to use the domain).
- physical location of the owner.
- validity dates of the certificate.

When you connect to a secure web server such as (note that the 's" indicates a secure server), that server authenticates itself to the web browser by presenting a digital certificate.

Alentus has made 1-Year, 2-Year and 3-Year SSL Certificates to its clients through our sister company These are available for purchase through the your profile. Once logged in, select "Order SSL Certificate" from the left-hand menu, and select the SSL Certificate of your choice.

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