Can I have a sub-domain (eg. with my account?

Yes. Sub-domains are optional for all Alentus hosting plans and available for a fee of US$5.99 per month per sub-domain.

An example of a sub-domain URL is:

Please note that a sub-domain is essentially a separate hosting plan altogether, complete with unique a FTP login username and password, disk space (50MB), log files, and more. A sub-domain does not share the same physical disk space with your primary website and you may have as many sub-domains as your require.

This is NOT the same as a SUB-FOLDER, which uses this structure: Folders of this sort are physically located with the same space as the primary domain and do not have unique FTP credentials. There is no charge for subfolders.

If you wish to set up a sub-domain for your primary website, please email with your primary domain name and the exact spelling of the required sub-domain.

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