Email is a mission critical tool for my business and any downtime or problems cause tremendous losses. What can I do to try to prevent this?

There are many ways that email can "break"; it is not foolproof by any means. All other users of email are subject to the same limitations and risks that Alentus customers are. The primary differences being the level of investment an email host makes in the latest technologies and the capability of the technicians and engineers involved - Alentus scores very high in this respect.

Options exist that can increase the reliability and/or speed of email. Obviously any steps taken will only have an impact on your side of the equation (you cannot improve another company’s systems or the reliability of the internet as a whole). These options are more costly, but if email is part of a mission critical business process then your organization may want to look into them.

The main option that is immediately available is to sign up for Alentus ExchangeMail, which provides redundant servers with automatic fail over in a physically separate location from Alentus’s main server farm. Within this option lies the ability to setup a Split Domain, which allows the current email setup to exist concurrently with an ExchangeMail account. For more information, visit the following URL:

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