If my hosting account is terminated, can it be reactivated, and how long does it take to restore it?

Hosting accounts that have been terminated, less than 7 days before submission of a reactivation request, may be restored from backup.

Hosting accounts that have been terminated, more than 7 days before submission of a reactivation request, may not be restored from backup, as backups for terminated accounts are generally discarded after seven days.

Please contact sales or support at Alentus, to ascertain if a copy of your website content is still available.

In every likelihood, you will be required to resubmit an order from the primary sales order located on the Alentus.com website. This is to ensure that we have updated all required contact and billing information.

Please NOTE: if more than seven days have passed the contents of your email accounts, as well as the contents of any database backup, are not restorable.

However, if your site was terminated for violation of Alentus Terms and Conditions, it will not be reactivated. We hold the security and reliability of our customers data in the highest regard, and our Terms and Conditions are designed to help protect Alentus and its customers.

Please note: This does not apply to suspended accounts. Please see the FAQ regarding suspended accounts for details.

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