Can I have a second domain name that points to my main web site?

It is possible to host multiple domains using a single account.

Most likely the best solution is what we call a Secondary Domain Alias. We can set up the servers so that your other domain name is aliased to the current domain name. Any traffic for either domain name will go to the same website, mail account and so on.

For more information on domain aliasing please visit our support site.

For web traffic, you can also manage things the use of redirects and checking the HTTP headers. Information on programming ASP scripts can be found in the related articles.

There are a number free aliases included with your account. See the hosting comparison page for the details of your plan. For additional aliases outside the plan limits setup is free and there is a monthly charge for each additional domain of $2.95 or one-time fee of $20.00. The best way to get it set up is to login to the Alentus Support Center and Submit a Ticket to Sales & Ordering.

For more information, please email Alentus Sales and see our Hosting Plan Comparison Chart.

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