How can I point a second domain (alias) name to my primary website?

You can point an additional or multiple domain names to your primary website by adding a domain name pointer option to your website hosting plan.

To setup a domain name pointer, Alentus needs to create the appropriate DNS records and other configuration changes so that all traffic for the additional site(s) will go to your primary site. You will also need to update the domain name record with your name registrar to 'point' the additional name(s) to our network. Specifically, you need to update the DNS portion of your domain name record so that it matches the information shown below:

Alentus Name Servers

Primary Host Name..........:
Primary Host IP Address....:
Secondary Host Name........:
Secondary Host IP Address..:

Secondary aliases are free if you have a web hosting plan value of $12.95 per month (Premier.NET plan) or greater.

If you have a web hosting plan cost of less than $12.95 per month, you will incur a small monthly fee of $2.99 per month per domain name pointer. Additionally, you can request your domain alias(es) be setup as a one-time fee instead of monthly, however we recommend you contact our billing department to upgrade to a minimum of Premier.NET plan to start receiving your domain aliases at no additional charge.

If you wish to enable a domain name pointer for your website, please send email to our Support Department (, indicated your existing domain name, and the exact name of the secondary domain name pointer.

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