How do I start having my site indexed by Google?

We do not offer a service to promote your website to search engines because companies like Google are penalizing websites who use certain types of auto-submission services as it violates their Terms and Conditions. In addition to that, Google puts new site submissions into a kind of holding state or "Sandbox" while it keeps crawling the site for weeks or months until it determines if the site is legitimate and worthy of being indexed and ranked. Google is so large that it does not accept or rank every site it crawls.
Here are some recommendations for promotion of your site:

1. Create a file called sitemap.asp (or sitemap.html, or whatever) page that lists all your main links to various pages in your website. Put a link to this sitemap on your home page.

2. Create a file called sitemap.xml (must be this exact name) and follow the guidelines shown at the first link in related links below.

3. You may also use various SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) tools and software available to analyze your site. Please see the related links below.

4. Optionally you may submit your site to other search engines such as Dmoz, Yahoo etc. It is not recommended to submit your site to a large number of search engines as that could potentially hurt your ranking

5. Go to Google Sitemaps and login to your Google account (create an account is necessary). Follow Googles steps to submit your sitemap.xml file. The link to Google Sitemaps is in the related links section of this document.

To get your site indexed, these 5 steps are the basics to get going. Make sure the descriptions of your site that you use in your search engine submissions, are truthful and relevant to your website's content. Otherwise if your submitted site descriptions say one thing, and your site textual content indicate something completely different, your site could be severely penalized and de-listed from the search engine.

Google will crawl your sitemap.xml file within 24 hours, but your site may still go into its "Sandbox" holding state for an unconfirmed amount of time that could be weeks to 6 months. In an effort to stop misleading sites from getting ranked unfairly, Google frequently changes its rules on how a site is indexed, when it is indexed, and the determination of a sites ranking. If you need significant assistance in making your website search engine friendly and getting it sufficiently ranked as quick as possible, we recommend you perform a search in our developers resource directory.

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