Is it Possible That a Spammer has Obtained my Email Address from Alentus?

Alentus does not disclose confidential client information to any third parties for any reason at any time. The only exception to this policy is with respect to co-operation with law enforcement agencies. It is not possible for a sender of spam to obtain email addresses from Alentus. There are numerous methods of getting spam into a persons Inbox, some of which require no knowledge of your actual address.

If you are able to identify the source of the spam, please lodge a complaint directly to the service provider sending the spam rather than to us. Complaining to the sender rather than the receiver is the most effective way to fight spam. For help in determining the service provider of the source of spam, you may wish to refer to the page at:

Alentus has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to the sending of spam. We have terminated and will continue to terminate customer accounts that are associated with the sending of spam. Spam is a growing problem for everyone and in particular for service providers like ourselves who have to contend with the potentially huge volumes of it that can end up on our network.

Our servers perform active spam-prevention measures and are continously working to improve them. Our goal is to eliminate all incoming spam to our network. This is a difficult process to do when, as a responsible ISP, we also wish to ensure that our customers continue to receive all legitimate mail to their accounts.

We hope you understand that we are trying to put a stop to incoming spam and ask for your patience and understanding in this matter.

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