Can I have my own custom DLLs installed on the server hosting my site?

Before we can install your DLL(s) on the server hosting your site, we need to perform a review of the function of the DLL and its requirements. This is required to ensure that we understand the operation of the DLL and that it is compatible with our hosting platform.

If your DLL is from a commercial software vendor, please supply us with the complete URL to the exact page on the site of the software vendor that describes the purpose, operation and server requirements of the DLL. If you have purchased the DLL, you will need to supply us with a copy of the software license and/or a copy of the receipt. These can be submitted to us via the Alentus Support Center (Technical Support Department). Note that Alentus will not install beta or evaluation versions of any software packages.

If you have written the DLL yourself, please let us know the purpose of the DLL, the programming language used to write the DLL, and any required DLL dependencies.

In all cases, please upload your DLL and any license and/or receipt files to your website where they can be retrieved by Alentus personnel for review and evaluation. Once you have uploaded your files, please complete the following fields (shown below) and Submit a Ticket via the Alentus Support Center to the Technical Support Department with the words "DLL Installation Request" and the following details specified in the Message Details:

Domain Name:
Name of DLL or Package:
Name of Software Vendor (if applicable):
Software Version:
Location of DLL: (where on your site we can find the files)

Once our applications installers have performed a review of the DLL, we will either:

-install the DLL to your server and send your confirmation
-send you a notice letting you know why the DLL cannot be supported.


- Microsoft Transaction Server is not supported on Alentus web servers. Your DLL must be installable using regsvr32.exe.
- You must be signed up on one of our ASP.NET hosting packages to apply for custom or third-party DLL installations.
- There is a $30.00 one-time fee for customer or third-party DLL installations. For more information, please see the following page on our website:

For more information, please email Alentus Sales and see our Hosting Plan Comparison Chart

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