Why Is The Time Wrong In My Script?

Alentus servers are all set to North American Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) (GMT/UTM -7), as that is the time zone they are physically located in. If you wish to display the time in a different time zone, you need to calculate the offset in hours from the MDT time zone.

The one exception to this rule is our POP3 mail servers. For various reasons, the POP3 mail servers are set to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). If you are using a component like ASPPop3 to read mail, your code should take into account the time zone attached to each message. This is especially important if you are reading from POP3 servers outside our network.

If you are seeing the correct time, but your users seem to be having problems, you may be getting the time from the client instead of the server. This usually happens with pages that contain client-side Javascript or VBscript code. Since you usually have no guarantee of the correct time being set on the end users machine, we recommend that you use the server time whenever possible.

If you have taken into account any time zone differences, and find that a particular server is still reporting the incorrect time, please let our support staff know. Despite diligent efforts, occasionally a server has the incorrect time setting and needs to be adjusted. We do tolerate some variance from the actual time, but differences of more than a few minutes should be resolved.

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