How do I create a sub domain like

To create a sub-domain we can do one of two things:

1. Create a DNS pointer to your current website.
2. Create a new website and DNS pointer to it.
Which you choose usually depends on what you plan to do with the site and any specific requirements you may have. Details on each method are listed below:

1. Create a DNS pointer to your current website:
This option is acceptable if the application functions can be done on a single physical directory tree. Also, the traffic stats, disk stats and other site info is are not separately tallied. Essentially, this is a single site with two or more names.
You can use ASP code to internally re-route any page requests for the different site names. You can detect the site name used by examining the HTTP header variables in the Request.ServerVariables collection, then usually you would perform a redirect to a sub-folder that contains content for your sub-domain name.

2. Create a new website and DNS pointer to it.
This option is used if you need separate FTP user accounts, usage stats and so on. If you have fairly large sites and/or multiple developers, this is recommended. Also, if you are using one site for development code and the other for production code, you will need to use this option.

If you are using your own SSL certificates note that a certificate is valid only for a single name. If you want to perform SSL from both site names, you need two certificates, one for each name.
To get a sub-domain set up, you can fill out the Products and Services form in the Administration Console. Please be sure to specify whether you want a simple DNS pointer to your existing site, or if you need a full site set up.

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