Are Parent Paths enabled on Alentus web servers?

The Parent Paths property in the IIS MetaBase specifies whether an ASP script can access paths relative to the current directory (using the ..\ notation).

Some web developers call MapPath on form inputs to find out where to get/save files. Allowing Parent Paths could mean an unauthorized file viewage or overwrite. For this reason, Parent Paths are disabled on Alentus web servers.

If you need Parent Paths enabled, make a request by logging into the Alentus Support Center, and Submitting a Ticket to the Technical Support Department. From the Change Request Type drop-down menu, choose Parent Paths, and include any additional information required in the Message Details.

Note: Disabling ASP Parent Paths will only affect the execution of dynamic content on .asp pages. This does not affect the server's ability to reference static content using HTML code (whether it is called from .htm, .html or .asp files).

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