Why can’t I access a file that I uploaded via FTP through a web browser using a URL like http://mydomain.tld/myfile.###?

Windows 2003 does a lot more to protect your data then previous versions of windows did; however, sometimes this protection causes problems. Windows does not allow the download of file types that it does not know about. In the case of an access databases this is good, but at other times it is only a hassle. The MIME type for the file in question has to be added in IIS for the site. Admin access is required to perform this function so a request must be submitted through the Alentus Support Center, by Submitting a Ticket to the Technical Support Department.

For example, simply uploading (via FTP) the icon file “favicon.ico” would not mean that it could be accessed through http as follows:


However, once the MIME type has been added (the file extension) for the site in question (a mime type for .ico of image/x-icon in this case) it would become accessible using the above URL example.

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