Information Needed by Alentus to Troubleshoot an Error

To ensure the Technicians with Alentus have all the possible information required to troubleshoot errors you may be having, it is best to Submit a Ticket through the Alentus Support Center, and completely fill out the form to the Technical Support Department.

Should you require submitting a request via email, the following information should be submitted:

1. A URL that is showing an error.
2. The error shown at the above URL.
3. The line of code erroring out (if indicated in the error).
4. A URL to test our solution (if different from URL in 1.)
5. The file name the error is occurring in.
6. A test username and password (if applicable) if we need to test authenticating or logging into your application.

A text editor that shows line numbers can be downloaded for free from: and download their free text editor.

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