Problems Deleting a Folder

1. The folder contains files or sub-folders. Many FTP clients will not automatically delete files or sub-folders when you attempt to delete the parent folder. You may need to manually remove all files and sub-folders in order to delete the parent folder.

2. There may be a lock on a file in the folder, or a lock on the folder itself. This can occur if a file or folder is being used when you attempt to remove it. If your website is busy, turning it off for a few minutes may clear a stuborn lock. Generally, most locks are cleared within a few minutes, however it is possible for locks to become stuck and the only way to clear them is to restart the server. If you are viewing a file from your browser, this may place a lock on the file.

3. If the site is FrontPage enabled and you are trying to delete the file using FTP, it may fail due to a lock. FrontPage sites should be managed using the FrontPage client.

4. You may not have the permissions needed to delete the folder.

5. Try removing any objects inside the folder first. If that fails, wait a moment and try again. If you run into problems with removing specific files or empty folders, and waiting a few minutes does not clear it up, contact Alentus Customer Support.

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