How to Register a

We can support COM installations with your hosting plan, providing the component meets our installation, security, and resource usage guidelines. There is a $30 USD one-time charge for installations. This includes one free re-install in the event that there is a problem with the initial installation.

The steps for installing a COM component are:

1. Send us information regarding the component for evaluation. If the component is a third-party commercial component, direct us to the vendors on-line documentation. For custom written components, please supply us with a description of the component and its resource requirements.

2. If the component can run on our servers, we will contact you and ask that you upload to your web site: the component, any necessary license keys, documentation and any other related files.

3. We will register the component and let you know when it is complete.

In general components must:

1. Be a true Windows COM component
2. Be installable using regedit
3. Not violate security of our network
4. Not cause problems with the server

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