Administrative Privileges - FP/NTFS

For security and stability reasons, the user accounts on our shared servers are not assigned administrative privileges in FrontPage. We understand that this may appear to be restrictive, however we have found that author privileges are sufficient to create and publish a fully working site, including sub-webs, mail-to forms and other dynamic pages that use the FrontPage functionality.

For similar reasons, direct access to IIS and NTFS permissions is not accessible to the user. To request changes to these settings, login to the Alentus Support Center ( and Submit a Ticket to the Technical Support Department. Select the appropriate folder permissions option from the Change Request Type drop-down menu.

If you have requirements that are not covered in the forms, or cannot be done through the FrontPage client, please let us know. Usually we can accommodate your request, providing that it does not affect server performance or operation.

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