Receive Error: Not Enough Space On Temporary Disk

Most likely this error is due to an Access query that is exceeding the temporary memory pool limits on the server. This pool size is fixed and is not something we can change.

The error is usually due to a queries that return large numbers of records, or recordsets that have are abnormally large sized records. In other words, a query is resulting in too many records being returned, or the records that are returned are too big.

To get the site going again, we have restarted the web server to clear up all cached memory. We have tested the site and it appears to be working at this time. However, we have seen that once this starts happening, it usually will re-occur again in the future.

To permanently solve this problem, typically the site programmer will need to review the queries being used and ensure that recordsets are limited in size. A common technique is to use TOP statements and restrictive WHERE clauses to ensure limited records are returned. Also, if large memo fields are used it may be better to simply query on a key set only and use a separate query to retrieve the memos fields, one record at a time.

Other alternatives include deleting any unneeded data or upgrading to a SQL Server Database. There is a small monthly fee for a SQL Server Database. For more information on this option, please contact our sales department ( or order a SQL Server database through the Alentus Support Center, and Submit a Ticket to the Sales & Ordering Department.

Note: This error message is somewhat misleading. The term "temporary disk" is an archaic term that now refers to a memory pool that Windows uses to cache recordset results.

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