How do I use DTS to export my SQL Server database to my database on an Alentus SQL Server?

1. Open the SQL Server Enterprise Manager on your local workstation.

2. Locate your SQL server.

3. Open the Database Directory.

4. Right Click on the database that you wish to export.

5. Select All Tasks and then Export Data. A wizard will appear. Click Next on the wizard.

6. Select the data source that you wish to export. Click Next. 

7. Select the destination of the Alentus SQL Server. Input the server's hostname or IP, which was provided to you in your SQL Welcome Kit, or by Alentus personnel.

8. On the next screen, ensure you select Copy objects and data between SQL databases. This will ensure that all data, logins, stored procedures, etc. are copied. Click Next.

9. On the Objects to Copy screen, most of the defaults will should work. Click Next.

10. A summary of your selections will be posted at the end of the wizard with a Finish button. Click Finish if you're ready to export the data.

11. The data will be exported to your database on the Alentus SQL Server. The wizard will give you the status during the transfer.

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