I have my Alentus ASP.Net 2.0 hosting plan

You should be “good to go”; however, you may want to add the following to the mix when creating your ASP.NET 2.0 website hosted at Alentus.

SQL Server 2005 database – ASP.NET 2.0 makes great use of a MS SQL Server database, a SQL Server 2005 database can be added to your Alentus hosting plan by submitting a ticket at
http://support.alentus.com to "Order Services" department, or if you have not yet ordered your hosting plan, the database can be added by selecting the appropriate option on the Order Form.

Download ASP.NET AJAX Framework – As per Microsoft, ASP.NET AJAX is a free framework for creating client-centric, interactive Web applications that work with major browsers and operating systems. New features include additional globalization support, dynamic invocation of web service proxies, and substitution logic, compression and caching support for the Script Resource handler. The RC release is the final preview of the fully supported version of ASP.NET AJAX, scheduled for release in January 2007.

The Microsoft AJAX Library is also available in an easy-to-install, standalone package for development on non-Windows systems. For more information, visit the ASP.NET AJAX site.

The “pre-release” AJAX library (November 2006) has been attached to this article and can be downloaded “below”.

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