Cannot See New Site - Pointers Transferred

The most likely reason you cannot see your site is that the DNS pointer settings have yet not been updated to all DNS servers across the Internet.

Since you have already updated your domain pointers at your registrar, you most likely experiencing the delay that occurs when propagating the update to the rest of the DNS servers across the Internet. To reduce traffic, DNS servers typically cache their contents for some time before requesting new pointer information.

After the root servers are updated it may take another 24 to 48 hours (for a total of up to 72 hours from the time you change your DNS pointers with your registrar) for the change to propagate across the rest of the Internet. During this period traffic for your domain may or may not reach our servers. If you are transfering a live, busy domain you should keep your old services active until you see that all traffic is going to the Alentus network.

When all changes are complete and have propagated to the rest of the Internet, your domain name will be "pointing" to the Alentus servers. At this point you will be able to access your site by name with FTP, FrontPage, and your web browser.

You can check your domain status by performing a WHOIS search and DNS checks at:

A website that offers very useful information regarding domain status is "". Choose "Quick Check" and enter your domain name in the appropriate field (do not include the "www"). Here is the URL:

In the WHOIS, your domain pointers should match those found at:

You may also wish to reset your workstation if you are still unable to see your site or retrieve email after 24 hours. We have observed that some workstations tend to cache DNS information for quite some time and need to be rebooted in order to pick up new DNS information.

If you wish to check on any email during this period, you can login to our WebMail service at (or better yet, use the "alternate access" for email URL listed in your Alentus Welcome Kit) and see if any has arrived from users who can access the new site. If you have not set up your accounts, please check the postmaster account, as that is where the mail will be delivered if the specific user account is not found.

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