Why Does SA-Fileup Seem To Stop My Site?

Why Does SA-Fileup Seem To Stop My Site?

If you are performing a lengthy upload, your site may appear to stop if you try to access it from your browser during the upload process. We have observed this problem with IE 5 and 6.

The stoppage occurs when you open another browser window using CTRL-N or other means of launching a browser from the same IE instance that is performing the upload.

After much testing, we have discovered that the site is not what is stopping, the browser is. There appears to be a blocking call set in IE when it begins an upload. This block stops any other open IE windows that were derived from the original IE instance performing the upload.

To view your site during an upload, you need to open a second browser instance from the "Start" menu or icons on the desktop. This loads a fresh copy of IE in memory on your workstation which will not be blocked by the first instance. From the second instance, you can navigate to your site and browse while the upload is occuring.

Note that if you have a slow line, you still may experience performance degradation during the upload. This would be caused by the upload data stream monopolizing your connection and slowing down other access to the network. There is not much to do about this other than get a faster line installed locally.

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