FTP Access Disabled by Default for SharePoint Sites

FTP Access Disabled by Default for SharePoint Sites

Alentus (and Microsoft) strongly recommends that you do not use any software tool other than FrontPage to connect and administer your SharePoint site.

SharePoint is tightly integrated with FrontPage extensions, as well as a built-in proprietary MS SQL database that manages all file directory listings, document lists, library locations, and basically an index that manages what is in your site and what users have access to its contents.

If you FTP files up or down from the website, that database is not updated to reflect what website contents you have modified. Once the database is out of sync with the website, it would require a resetting of the entire website.

For that reason, our SharePoint plans do not automatically include FTP access. We recommend that Frontpage 2003 be used to achieve any customizations to your WSS site (Windows SharePoint Services) that are not achievable through the SharePoint user interface itself.

We can enable FTP for you, but be advised that we cannot assume any responsibility for loss of data or any other detrimental results in the website.

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