Changing DNS to Alentus - Network Solutions Example

The following is an example of the steps to follow for changing a domain's DNS pointers to Alentus Name Servers using a typical account interface like the one provided by Network Solutions.

PLEASE NOTE: These steps may be changed at any time. Alentus has absolutely no control over how Network Solutions conducts their business or the design of their website forms. Although correct at the time of the creation of this document, this information is included here for reference purposes only and the exact steps may vary considerably.

Network Solutions states that it takes 24-72 hours for your DNS name pointers change to propogate throughout all the DNS servers across the internet. Until that time, your site may not be viewable from our servers, and your email may be routing to our mail servers intermittently.

1. Go to URL:
2. Click on "Account Manager"
3. Enter Account Number, enter Password, then Click LOGIN.
4. Under heading "Domains In Your Account", click on your domain you need to change the pointers for.
5. Click on "Manage Contacts/DNS"
6. Click on "Change Name Servers"
7. Click on button, "No Thanks"
8. Enter Primary ( and Secondary Name Server ( information for Alentus DNS servers.
10. Click CONTINUE
11. Click CONTINUE
12. Click LOGOUT

Within approximately 48 hours after making your DNS changes, they should be reflected when you perform a WHOIS search by going to:

Further information on changing your DNS name pointers to Alentus's DNS servers can be found at:
and choose heading "Transferring your domain to Alentus"

If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to submit your request into our 24HR support helpdesk at

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