Quick Start for New Users

Verify Your Account

You should receive a Welcome Kit email from us within 24 hours of your order. If you have not, please contact our Sales Department. Your Welcome Kit contains your login information where you may also verify your account.

Transfer Your Domain Name

In order to make your site available to the rest of the Internet, you will need to update the domain host pointers to point to our servers. To do this you will need to login to your registrar and make the changes. For more info on transferring your domain, please see Transferring Your Domain to Alentus:

Set up Your Email

To be able to send and recieve email, you need to configure the mail services for your domain. You will need to create any POP3 user accounts and set up your mail client to be able to read the mail delivered to our mail servers. For more info on setting up email, please see Setting Up Your Email Accounts and Services:

Publish Your Web Content

To have your content available on the Web, you need to publish the files that make up your web site. You can usually do this with an FTP client or other web publishing software. For more info on publishing your web content, please see Publishing Your Site to the Internet:

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