DTS Load Problems Due to SQL Version Differences - Send Alentus Backup File Instead

There may be an incompatibility between the versions of your Alentus SQL Server database and the database being DTSed. If the Alentus Hosted database is SQL 2000 and if you are using SQL v7 tools there may be problems transferring data. Some firewalls or LAN settings can also prevent DTS transfers from occuring.

In order for us to transfer data for you, we need you to upload a recent backup file of your local database. Please FTP this .bak file to the /database folder on your website. If the file is large, please zip it up first. From there we can load the backup to your Alentus SQL Server Database. Please do not send a raw data file, we can only restore from a backup generated by the Enterprise Manager or, in the case of SQL 2005, SQL Server Management Tools.

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