DTS Package Technical Support not Available

DTS is available on Alentus shared SQL servers; however, due to the complexity of DTS and related network and security issues involved, we do not provide technical support for this feature.

In general, you cannot use DTS if there is a remote server involved that is behind a firewall, or if your application requires functionality not enabled on the shared SQL servers.

As well, the shared SQL servers are configured with security in mind and this unfortunatly interferes with many DTS functions, particularily those that rely on NETBIOS, linked servers, some other types of remote connections or filesystem access.

If your DTS functions are simple and can be triggered by a standard SQL connection, most likely it will work. If you wish to call procedures you can do so using ADO code from your website or using tools such as Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer.

If you require scheduling, it may be possible, but please ask us for the details on our job scheduler system details before coding or implementing anything. The scheduler is an external system that does not directly interface to the SQL Servers.

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