General Information

Know the Terms and Conditions of your Alentus Account

If you have not already read the Terms and Conditions page at our web site, please do so now. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us by telephone or fill out our contact form.

Your First Website

If this is your first domain on the Internet, we strongly recommend that you read this article before you attempt to publish your website. This article contains important information and directions to the various services available on our servers. By familiarizing yourself now, you can avoid a lot of trouble later on.

When we processed your initial order, we set up a default website under your domain name. This site provides you with an instant web presence on the Internet and contains sample code you can use for your own content. For more information on your default website, see the page about Your Default Website .

Your Welcome Kit

You should have received a Welcome Kit email message within 24 hours of placing your site order (emailed to the address you used when you completed the Website Order Form). This email message contains important information regarding your site and you will need to refer to it before you can login to our servers. If it has been more than one day since your order and you have not yet received your Welcome Kit email, please contact our Sales Department.

Transferring Your Website (updating your DNS)

If you are transferring your website to us from another provider, or you have registered a brand new domain on your own, you will need to update the hostnames and IP addresses for your Primary and Secondary Name Servers. This is done through the registrar of your domain, and in most cases we are not authorized to perform this change for you.

Typically, you will need to either mail your registrar or login to their website and make modifications to your account. Your Welcome Kit contains the names and IP addresses of our DNS servers. You need to set your domain settings at your registrar to the ones found in the Welcome Kit.

If this all sounds horribly complicated to you, don't lose hope! You can always ask us and can usually help explain what is needed.

For more detailed information on this subject, please visit our page on Transferring Your Domain to Alentus.

Setting Up Your Email

You will need to login as the postmaster into your account, where you can create POP3 users, forwarding addresses, autoresponders and more.

The WebMail service is a web-based email client you can use to read and send messages with.

To configure a local email client please see our support article on Outlook client configuration. This document uses MS Outlook as an example, but the settings shown here will also apply to most common email client software.

For more information on email settings, please see Setting Up Your Email Accounts and Services:

Contacting Alentus for Assistance

Technical Problems

Technical problems with your web, email or DNS services should be reported through the our Alentus SupportCenter. You will need your login credentials to access the Alentus SupportCenter. If you do not know what they are, please submit your email to sales@ to request them.

Additional Products and Services

To order new products or services from us, please send an email to our Sales contact listed below or you can telephone us during regular business hours. For existing customers you may also submit a ticket in the Alentus SupportCenter to New Sales & Ordering.

Billing and other Administrative Issues

For help with billing or other administrative issues regarding your account, please send an email to our Billing contact listed below or you can telephone us during regular business hours. For existing customers you may also submit a ticket in the Alentus SupportCenter to Billing Administration.

Important Email Addresses

Sales Inquiries

Billing Inquiries

Telephone Numbers

Toll free within the US and Canada

International callers outside US and Canada

Telephone enquiries are normally answered during business hours only. If you wish to report a problem with your site, rather than calling us, we ask that you please submit a ticket in the Alentus SupportCenter to Service & Support. Incoming support tickets are monitored on a 24x7 basis and our support staff respond to tickets in the queue anytime night or day.

Customers with Premium Support Services may be provided with 24x7 telephone numbers to on-call support staff. Premium Support Services are optional and are not included in basic hosting plans. Please contact our Sales department for more information if you are interested in our Premium Support Services.

Unauthorized Changes

To prevent unauthorized changes to your site, you will need to include your domain name, user ID and account password in any email correspondence. Please have this information ready.

Keep your Contact and Payment Information current

If there are any changes to your contact or payment information, please let us know so that we can update your account.

We recommend that you provide us with an email address for your account that is not associated with your domain name. This is to ensure we can contact you in case there are problems with your domain configuration and you are unable to access your email.

Internet Traffic and Your Site

For reasons beyond our control, there may be times when problems on the Internet occur and you cannot visit your own web site. Even if you can get to the Alentus web site but cannot connect to yours, there may be problems with the root name servers or other areas between your physical connection and our servers. We will investigate any reports of problems, however we may not be able to resolve issues involving parts of the Internet outside our control.

Alentus Anti-Spam Policy

Alentus Corporation strictly prohibits Unsolicited Bulk Email, also known as "spam". This includes using our network to distribute unsolicited bulk email from your site on our servers or using any outside network to send bulk unsolicited email attracting advertising your site on Alentus servers. We will terminate any account we find that is associated with the generation, distribution or any other involvement with the practice of unsolicited bulk email and no refund will be issued for unused service.

Alentus Privacy, Security, and Payment Policies

Privacy Policy

We believe in the right to privacy both for individuals and organizations and this belief is reflected in our privacy policy. We do not share information with any third parties and fully respect your right to confidentiality.

Security Policy

Our security policy is designed to keep information stored on our servers secure from intruders and other unauthorized individuals. We take great care to keep your data secure and pay particular attention to the security of sensitive information such as credit card numbers, customer profiles and other confidential information.

Payment Policy

Our payment policy is fair to both ourselves and our customers. We strive to provide high quality service, and work hard to ensure that you receive value for your hosting dollar. Our payment policy is designed to mimimize our time and effort collecting bad debts and chasing down delinquent accounts. This allows us to put our effort where it counts: providing services to our paying customers.

For more details on our policies, please visit our Policies Page

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