How to Migrate a SQL Server 2000 Database to SQL Server 2005

We can setup your database on our new SQL 2005 servers, however you will need to use DTS to move your database as restoring a SQL 2000 database .BAK file to a SQL 2005 database does not work reliably.

Also, you will need to use SQL Server 2005 Management Studio (requires purchase of SQL Server 2005) or SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express (free download from Microsoft), as SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager will not work correctly for managing a SQL 2005 database; nor will Alentus DB Manager.

Here is a URL link to download the Management Studio Express Edition:

Note: If you have SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager and wish to uninstall it (if you like the 2005 version better), during the uninstallation you will be asked if you want certain Windows shared files deleted or not.  We strongly recommend you choose not to delete any of them.

1. Provide us with your database name and your password of your account for security authentication reasons. Alternatively, and preferrably, enter this request through the Alentus Support Center by Submitting a Ticket to the Technical Support Department.

2. Alentus Customer Support will setup a new database for you on SQL 2005 using the same database name, username and password as your current database.  You will receive a reply email from us when that is done.

Note: You will have 3 days to move your database and then we will delete your SQL 2000 database.

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