How can I ensure that Urchin Stats continue to function when the Log Source is changed for a domain on a Dedicated Server?

The following is a short procedure that dedicated server customers who use Urchin must follow when they make changes that affect the location or naming of the log file source folder.

1. In IIS under default FTP site, find “urchinftp” and view the properties of the virtual directory beneath it that matches the website in question (example: In the properties change the “Local Path” to reflect the new path to the log files (example: change from d:/websites/../log/w3svc11 to d:/websites/../log/w3svc99).

2. In Windows File Explorer, view the security tab properties for the new log dir (w3svcxx). If applicable, remove the checkmark on the “allow inheritable permissions from parents . . .” feature and copy the permissions when prompted. Add the user “urchinftp” with default permissions. Finally “reset permissions on all child objects”.

3. To avoid gaps in Urchin data, make this change on the same day that the log source changed. Skipped log files are not processed automatically and require considerable manual intervention on the part of Alentus Technical Support staff to be processed “after the fact”.

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