Receive an error message in SmarterStats when trying to view Stats, what is going on?

If a warning message is received that states the path to the log files is invalid, or if a message such as follows occurs, see the steps “below”.

“Your site is currently processing logs and data is unavailable. In the meantime you may use any of the functions in the Config area. Please contact support for assistance.

Administrators Note: To Diagnose any potential problems with this site, go to the Administration area, choose [Manage Sites], search for the site, choose [Action] next to the site, and choose [Site Info] from the popup menu.”

This can occur if a new site is set up in SmarterStats before it is browsed to. IIS does not create the logfile subfolder "W3SVCXX" until the site is browsed to at least once. It can also occur if an existing site is moved or some other activity takes place to alter the path to the log folder. The following steps will “reset” the path.

1. Launch SmarterStats as an Administrator; either through the desktop or via URL:
2. At the end of the row that lists the site with problems choose "Edit Site".
3. Click "Next" to go to "next" window.
4. On "Auto-report" - choose "Get settings from IIS"
5. Choose the site from the list and click "Okay" (located at top of window).
6. Click “Next” | “Next” | ”Save”.

Note: If after following the above steps there is a problem with missing data when viewing the stats, it may be necessary to go through the "Site Settings" “Site Import Settings" wizard.

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