SecureStor OverQuota - Backups Disabled

Once the space used on the SecureStor backup server exceeds the disk space usage quota maximum as defined by your SecureStor Plan, the entire backup process is automatically disabled. Evidence of this condition is immediately obvious upon checking the SecureStor log files from within the SecureStor client application. Additionally, the administrator of the server should have received warning via email.

Once the "OverQuota" condition has been reached, three options exist:

You can:

1. Purchase more backup disk space.
2. Reduce the amount of data selected for backup.
3. Shorten your backup and recovery window.

If you choose options 2 or 3 then you must also delete files already on the backup server until the space used is below your quota. Only then will the backup process resume normally.

How to Delete Files From the SecureStor Backup Server

1. In SecureStor client program, go to the "restore" tab.
2. Click the little red "x" located near the column heading in the left-side panel. This will change the "restore now" button on the right panel to a "delete files now" button.
3. Select the files and/or folders you wish to delete from the backup server and click "delete files now". The selected files will be deleted from the backup server.
4. When the deletion "complete" message comes up you can click on the "log" button to verify the deletion.
5. Files that have changed will have multiple copies stored for different days within the backup window. Use the "popdown listbox" and select different backup dates to view/delete these files.
6. Depending on certain setup parameters, the space used on the backup server may not update until the next time a backup is performed.

Please Note: You should have received an email advising you of this if your SecureStor setup includes your up-to-date email address.

Setting Up SecureStor Error Notification by Email

1. If SecureStor did not automatically warn you of this condition via email, this is how you enable this feature.
2. From the menu, choose View->Options->Backup
3. Choose the "mail" tab and check "Send mail..." and select the following:
SMTP Server:
no username or password
Send Mail to:
4. Select "Send mail only when errors ..occur"
5. Select "Send Mail if an error occurs".
6. Click Okay.

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