Why do I receive SecureStor warnings and errors about missing and/or locked files?

This information is usually not a cause for alarm. An example of a typical output summary that causes (needless) concern would be:

Total no. of warnings: 7
Total no. of errors: 441

It is important to scan the details of the warnings and errors as they can be more of a nuisance than a problem.

It is not critical if the warnings indicate that a file was locked or in use and that the archive flag could not be reset. Each file is flagged for backup and if the file is locked during the time of the backup attempt, the archive flag cannot be set. SecureStor will try the file again the next night. In the above example, these 7 warnings were just for website log files.

If the errors are all "A file that was waiting for upload was missing from the local system", then there is also no need to be overly concerned. This error simply means that between the time SecureStor made a list of all the files to be backed up and the time when it went to perform the backups of those files, the files were no longer on the server.

This could simply mean someone was working on the server creating files when SecureStor was preparing its nightly backup list, and then that person either moved the files, or deleted them before SecureStor could back them up. Or your code could be moving files...etc.

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