How do I setup Securestor to backup System State in Windows XP?

Backing Up “SystemState” in Windows XP

1. Create the following folder - “C:\SystemState\”
2. Run the windows backup wizard (Start à Programs à Accessories à System Tools à Backup).
3. On the Welcome tab, click Backup Wizard. Click “Next”.
4. “What to Back Up” - “Only back up the System State data”. Click “Next”.
5. “Choose a Place to Save Your Backup” - Browse to the previously created “C:\SystemState” folder.
6. “Type a Name For This Backup” - Type “SystemState”.
7. Click “Next” to go to “Completed Backup Wizard Window”.
8. Click the “Advanced” button.
9. Type of Backup (select the type of backup) - select ‘Normal’ from the drop down list-box . Click “Next”.
10. How to Back Up (Select the checkbox for any option you want to use) - check ‘Verify data after backup’ . Click “Next”.
11. Backup Options - select ‘Replace Existing Backups” . Click “Next”.
12. When to Back Up - move the radio button to ‘Later’ (login with the windows admin credentials if prompted).
13. Schedule Entry (Job Name) - type ‘SystemState’ and click ‘Set Schedule’:
14. Schedule Task - Daily
15. Start Time - Choose a time one hour previous to the SecureStor backup time. (example: 1:00 AM if SecureStor is set to start daily backups at 2:00 AM).
16. Schedule Daily Task, Every "_" Day(s) to: “1”
17. Click “Okay” to return to Backup Wizard. Click “Next”. If prompted for a username and password to run this job under, enter your Windows Administrator User Name and Password (Main Windows User).
18. Click “Finish”
19. Make sure that you add the “c:\systemstate” folder to your SecureStor backup set.

Test the scheduled task you just created by doing the following:

1. Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to C:\WINNT\Tasks or Control Panel - Scheduled Tasks or whatever way you feel most comfortable getting to scheduled tasks.
2. Right click the scheduled task ‘SystemState’ and select ‘Run’, the backup should begin, allow it to complete – this should only take a few minutes.

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