Using the Email Administration Console

With your Alentus hosting account, you normally receive multiple POP3 email accounts, as well as access to our other email hosting facilities. The following information will help you get your mail accounts set up as well as provide information regarding your other email features.


How To Access Your Email Administration Console

Your Email Administration Console allows you to setup your POP3 email accounts, mailing lists, autoresponders, change passwords, and more. To access your Console, please navigate to the following URL:

Substitute your own domain name in the above example.

You will be presented with the interface screen shown below:

Click on the "Admin Login" button and you will then see one of the two following login forms. There are a number of mail servers at Alentus, each running one of two versions of available email software.


* Click the login form that you are presented with to continue...

If your domain pointers have not yet been transferred, you will need to access your mail services using the URL(s) shown in the Welcome Kit email sent to you during account activation. If you do not have this information, please contact our Technical Support department to obtain the name of your mail server.

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