SecureStor and Firewalls

Here some suggestions for dealing with Firewall issues:

Most likely your firewall is not stopping the packets from reaching the servers, but rather the packets sent from the server back to the workstation are being stopped. First, try enabling the firewall to allow packets on port 58084. This is the port that NovaNet uses between workstations. If this does not work, try the alternate port of 58594. Let us know which port number worked for you and what type of firewall hardware/software you are using so that we can then include it in our technical notes to aid other users.

After examining some of the lookup code, we found that the UDP (User Datagram Protocol),, uses two ports. The first socket is used for actual communications among the systems; the second is used for lookup purposes. The ports are 58084 and 58085, or 58594 or 58595. The reason for the either/or is that we have a socket number (0xE2E4=58084) that we put into the UDP address. Some hosts and firewalls may require this be put in as 0xE4E2 or 0xE2E4. Which one depends on your firewall software.

If you do not put in BOTH ports, then NovaNet will not be able to do the lookup. Also, if you are subnetting, you must add the host addresses to look at during installation.

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