SecureStor service ordering and upgrading

Ordering Alentus SecureStor backup service:

Ordering the Alentus SecureStor backup service is done in the following method:

1. Download and install the SecureStor evaluation client application from:

2. Go to this secure HTTPS 128bit encrypted URL to upgrade your evaluation account to be a fully paid service:

3. At the above URL, you will be asked for your SecureStor username, and last 4 digits of your credit card you used during sign-up.

4. Choose the SecureStor service plan you want and click the Proceed button.

That is it. Within a few minutes, your SecureStor evaluation account will be automatically upgraded to a paid service.

To upgrade Alentus SecureStor backup service from evaluation account to a paid service, simply start at step 2 above.

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