Using WebMail

WebMail is a browser-based interface that allows you to send and retrieve email messages from the Alentus email servers. The service is a bit like HotMail or YahooMail and allows you to gain access to your POP3 email accounts from any browser that is connected to the Internet.

Connecting to WebMail

The login screen for WebMail is located at:

To login to WebMail, you must enter your full email address and correct password, as shown in the example below.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your domain name when logging into WebMail.

The WebMail Interface

The Webmail interface contains folders and command links that allow you to send, retrieve, and delete messages, compose draft messages, set preferences, and maintain an Address Book.

Sending Messages

To send a message, click on the Create Message link from the main screen. From the Create Message screen, enter a valid email address and complete the other optional text boxes. Enter your message into the large text box and click the Send button.

Reading Messages

To read your messages, click on the INBOX link. From the INBOX screen, click on a message to display its contents. If you wish to delete a message, click the check box beside the message and click the Delete button. Deleted messages will be sent to the Trash folder, where they will remain for approximately seven days before being automatically removed from the system. You can adjust the time period that deleted messages will remain on the server using the Preferences link.

Setting Preferences

By clicking the Preferences link, you can customize the following WebMail options:

  1. Display full message headers
  2. Display HTML E-Mail
  3. The purge period for deleted messages
  4. Show oldest messages first
  5. Sort messages by Date, Sender or Subject
  6. Define the number of messages to display in the INBOX
  7. A personlized signature
  8. Enter the addresses of mailing lists you are subscribed to

Once you have made any changes, click the Update Preferences button to save your changes.

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