How do I update my credit card in

To update or change your credit card on file in My Account:

-Login to your account at
** Note that the "S" in HTTPS means that your session is encrypted for your security similar to doing banking online.
-Expand (click on the "+" sign) the Client Profile on the left menu
-Click on Payment Methods
-To the right of your credit card, click Edit
-Change/Add the appropriate information in the pop-up.
-When finished, click Save

Your changes are instantaneous.

If you wish to remove a payment option from the profile, in the same menu, click Delete beside the credit card profile you wish to remove.

** Important: If you are also making a payment on an account with an outstanding balance, then check to ensure you do not have any suspended services.  If you do, then contact Billing to inform them your account balance is now $0.00 as per your payment which will help ensure your services are reactivated promptly.

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