How (when and why) do I re-install SecureStor (client)?

Very occasionally, SecureStor may output a wide assortment of errors and no obvious relationship between them. When this occurs, it is possible that some files on the "client side" (the computer being backed up - that is) may have become corrupt. At that point, the best course of action may be to uninstall the securestor program and then reinstall it.

1. Uninstall SecureStor by using the “Add/Remove Programs” functionality available through the Control Panel.

2. Download and reinstall the latest version, which is available here: .

3. A "quickstart" installation guide is also on that page; however, this time you will want to "use an existing name" when prompted; that being your current SecureStor userid. Using this username will connect the installation to the existing backup set on the backup server and will bypass the “30 day trial”.

4. Run a backup process manually and doublecheck that the files selected for backup have been retained in SecureStor.

5. If the problems still exist, the next step is to delete the backup.bdb file located in the SecureStor program folder. Occasionally this file becomes corrupt. Unfortunately, once this file is deleted, the files to be backed up must be selected again.

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